Want to meet Mildred?

Mildred has been my companion since 1983, we've had our up and downs, mind you!

And here she is. Not the most stylish, but she is still chugging away. In fact, she helped me adapt the curtains you see here, and many more besides. I think she rather liked making the


During lockdown I put together some big kitchen units to house my fabric stash. Would love to hear from you about what you would like to see me make?

I do confess to being a fabric hoarder!

I am a fan of the Cornwall Animal Hospital charity - they do great work, and I do like to see what fabric off cuts they have for sale. It's where I buy my spoons too. And it stops things from going to landfill - got to be good!

Feel free to comment with your ideas for new projects.

This owl is "wearing" some of that curtain material.

#buylocal #redruth #owl #cornish

Perhaps Mildred might write her own blog? What do you think?

Be well


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