Santa's Blue Nose Reindeer

Hello there! Santa’s Blue Nose reindeer, anyone?

This is my first ever blog, and I am hoping that you enjoy reading it.

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Its been a chilly day here in west Cornwall, and so I have been keeping toasty by the fire, making badges. Why you might ask?

Well, as I am hearing impaired, I found that my lip-reading skills are pretty useless when people are wearing face coverings!

Its getting near Christmas and my first craft fair since February is approaching fast (next weekend) and so I thought I have better see if I can do anything to get around the communication problem.

If anyone is near heartlands, the craft fair is all weekend, 5 & 6th December, I will be in the Chi an Bobel Building.

After what felt like hours at the computer, here is what I came up with.

The Spoonbugs are all behaving themselves, and I have spent a while in lockdown brushing up my sewing skills. Its been a very strange year indeed.


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