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Updated: Nov 30, 2020

So . . New to communicating this way with the online world we now live in (thanks so much covid!!) the upside is learning new things. Some of you may have become Yoga freaks, but I have been learning facebook and getting to grips with the mysteries of the keyboard.

I am looking forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions too.

Bigmore-Designs is the new name for my website that I started as a uni project. I studied FdA Fine Art then did my BA in Contemporary Creative Practice here in Cornwall.

In addition to my crafts practice, there's the art too. I got very engaged with the mining history here in west Cornwall. The sheer bravery of the men working in the mines was truly awesome. I aimed to reflect some of that in my paintings.

I used gilding to bring out a visual reference to the minerals they worked so hard to win.

Gilding has figured large on a lot of what I do - and we all need a bit of sparkle sometimes, don't we?! More of that in later posts. BTW .... do share this blog if you like!

The picture is from the exhibition I had at Heartlands. My friend Julie and I had a joint exhibition. Her work is very different from mine, and I hope to feature some of her work in future posts.


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