Learning to Blog? Me?!?

No.3 it's still rather new - learning to Blog. One day I will see you properly, in person, I hope.

Remember when lockdown summer was here? I spent a lot of that with Mildred.

Mildred is my cantankerous sewing machine. She's nearly 40 years old, weighs a ton, and definitely has a mind of her own!

I dusted her off after my modern one started sounding like a bag of spanners dropped down a lift shaft. I retrieved Mildred from the shed and set about with oil, WD40 and slowly hand cranked the seized parts into life.

Then switched on at the wall plug, there was an enormous bang, but .... lo and behold, she actually survived 8 years in the shed! I don't recommend this approach, but It worked.

Summer days in my garden:

Mildred helped me to make the Owls, though sometimes that *helping* seemed more like training me to double as a sewing machine mechanic. Who knew that sewing machine lightbulbs would be like gold dust in lockdown? Seriously - who knew?


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