It's a Bug's Life - how it happens...

All Spoonbugs start off as spoons, as you may have guessed!

I buy my spoons from the Cornwall Animal Hospital charity.

They get the money from those unwanted spoons people have donated from the back of their kitchen drawers, and then I set to work.

I do have to be a bit brave, when doing this, one moment's inattention .... ouch!

It involves an electric saw, and a girt big file! (To make sure the cut edges are smoothed and safe)

The handles become the dragonflies.

Some spoons are very hard to cut.

And yes, I do wear PPE.

I have tried soldering, but I just don't seem to have enough hands for the process!

One of the things I do is deconstructing old jewellery for the Dragonfly bodies. And things can get a bit messy.

Then there's the box making, you'd be surprised how useful the humble laundry peg can be!

No two are ever the same, each is a unique character.

The colour of the unwanted drink bottles that I use define what happens next.

The wing making process is on a "need to know" basis.....

It's a process I developed myself.

Add a tiny sprinkle of magical madness, and Voila!


Keep well,


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